Çetin TekindorÇetin Tekindor is considered to be one of Turkey's best actors and most respected artists today. He was born in Sivas, Turkey in 1945. He graduated from Ankara State Conservatory in 1970, and his stage career started with the play "Murat IV". He is one of the most impressive performers in Turkish film and television thanks to his charismatic acting and his distinctive voice. In the successful TV drama "Karadayi" (2012-2015) he captured the hearts of the viewers with his inimitable readings of famous poems. During his long career he gave classes about stage and diction at the State Conservatory of Haceteppe University and the Theater Department of Bilkent University. Younger actors often refer to him as "Cetin hoca" (teacher).

Tekindor became famous after he starred in the TV drama "Küçük Aga", directed by Yücel Çakmak in 1983. In 1978 he was awarded "best actor" for his work in the play "Genç Werther'in Acilari" by the Ankara Art Association. His first film work was "Kaçamak" (The Love Affair) (1987), in which he acted with Basar Sabuncu and Müjde Ar. Over the years took roles and starred in many TV dramas such as "Dönemeç" (The Turn) (1988), "Önce Canan" (1988), "Son Türbedar" (1996), "Kerem" (1999), "Yilan Hikayesi" (1999), "Tutku Çemberi" (2000), "Üzgünüm Leyla" (2002), "Çaylak" (2003), "Bir Istanbul Masali" (An Istanbul Tale) (2003), "Seytan Ayrintida Gizlidir" (Satan Is Hidden In Details) (2004), "Ödünç Hayat" (Borrowed Life) (2005), "Kabuslar Evi-Hayal-i Cihan" (House Of Nightmares: The dream of Cihan) (2006), "Asi" (2007), "Bir Çocuk Sevdim" (I Loved a Girl) (2011), "Karadayi" (2012), "Içerde" (Inside) (2016) and in films like "Yavrularim" (My Babies) (1984), "Kaçamak" (The Love Affair) (1987), "Karsilasma" (Encounter) (2002), "Babam ve Oglum" (My Father and My Son) (2005), "Ilk Ask" (First Love) (2006), "Ulak" (The Messenger) (2007), "Av Mevsimi" (Hunting Season) (2010), "Dedemin Insanlari" (My Grandfather's People) (2011), "Babam" (My Father) (2017). In 1987 Tekindor received an award for "best actor" from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ankara Art Association. He was also awarded "best actor" by the Ankara Art Association in 1999. He stopped giving any kind of interviews in the 80's because he found himself in an awkward situation after a journalist wrote things he had never said, and he hasn't given any interview ever since. During the 90's he almost stayed away from any acting in film and television. He stayed in Ankara and kept on his stage work, teaching and voice overs. As well as a stage, TV and film actor, he is also very famous for his iconic voice and his voice dubbing work, which by that time was more than his work in front of the camera. This changed when a journalist wrote in an article: "What ever film or TV series we watch there is always the voice of Cetin Tekindor. I think he earned him self enough money to go on vacation and leave us alone for a bit". Tekindor considers this as the greatest gift that was ever given to him, because it made him realize that it was about time for a turn in his career. This game changing turn brought several awards and some of the greatest performances in Turkish film and television. In 2003, for his work as Mahmut in the film "Karsilasma"(Encounter) he received the "best actor" award in the Ankara Film Festival and the "best supporting actor" in the Sadri Alisik Awards. In 2005, Tekindor starred in Çagan Irmak's film "Babam ve Oglum" (My Father and My Son) and received the "best actor" award in both the 13th ÇASOD Awards and the 27th SIYAD Turkish Film Awards. His monologue in the middle of the street near the end of the movie, which was shot in only one take, is considered to be one of the most powerful, heartbreaking and unforgettable scenes/performances in Turkish film history. In 2008 working again with director Çagan Irmak in the film "Ulak" (The Messenger) brought him the "best male film actor" award in the 2008 Ismail Dümbüllü Awards. In 2009, he was awarded "best actor" by TÜRSAK. Despite his successful career and recognition he always keeps a low profile with no celebrity behavior. He stays away from the spot lights and avoids any self promoting action, focusing only on his work.