KuzgunCan the power of love overcome a man’s thirst for vengeance?


Kuzgun’s family life falls apart when his virtuous police officer father denies to be bribed by a notorious drug lord in exchange for his release. Having been set- up by his crooked cop best friend, Rifat, who becomes the drug lord’s right-hand man, Kuzgun’s father is arrested and dies soon after. Tragedy strikes again when thugs kidnap the 8-year old Kuzgun who suddenly finds himself all alone in the world trying to survive on the streets. 20 years later, Kuzgun is burning up with the desire to seek revenge on those who are responsible for his father’s death. He decides to infiltrate Rifat’s gang and take him down. All is going according to plan...until he runs into Dila, his childhood sweetheart and Rifat’s daughter. Will love defeat his unquenchable thirst for vengeance? Only time will tell.


*The series has been sold to more than 35 countries